Realize your potential and move forward

HNHB spine and neuro rehab will help you mange your challenges- whether it is an orthopaedic injury or a neurological condition. We are dedicated to helping you direct your rehab and health needs so that you can move forwards in a productive and meaningful way.

Conditions we treat but are not limited to include: Muscle Strains, Ligament Sprains, Joint Issues, Back Issues, Spinal cord Injuries, Acquired Brain Injuries, Strokes, Guillian Barre Syndrome, Transverse Myelitis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.


Dianne Schaible

Dianne graduated from the University of Toronto (Physical Therapy) and from the University of Guelph (Human Kinetics). She has 25 years of experience working with people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions in a rehabilitation hospital.  She has provided aquatic physiotherapy as well as worked in the community treating clients in their homes addressing both orthopaedic and neurological needs.  Dianne also worked in a multidisciplinary spasticity clinic offering adjunctive therapies following botulinum toxin injections and has a wealth of knowledge of resources in the community.

She is dedicated to delivering uncompromising, high quality health care to her clients, to help them regain control of their life.

“Hope is the most potent of medicines, one that can heal and rejuvenate.”

Referenced in the future, grounded in the past and experienced in the present, it involves the expectation that life will be a little more meaningful tomorrow.” – J Mader