Moving you forward

At HNHB (Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant), we work with you either at home or in our fully equipped clinic to manage the challenges faced after an injury. We are dedicated to helping you through the stages of recovery, by addressing your functional needs and helping you get back to your best self.
Services Can Be Provided:
In Clinic
In Your Home
In Your Community
In Your Pool

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Personalize Your Needs

HNHB spine and neuro rehab will help you manage your challenges – whether it is an orthopaedic injury or a neurological condition. 
We are dedicated to helping you direct your rehab and health needs so that you can move forwards in a productive and meaningful way in your life.
Physiotherapy can be used to treat both acute and chronic injuries. It is helpful in relaxing muscles, breaking up scar tissue, increasing joint range of motion and strength and decreasing pain.
Aquatic Physiotherapy

We offer therapy in community pools to assist with exercising in the water, in order to carry over improved movements to land and eventually into community life.

Neurological Physiotherapy
Helps to manage the challenges seen when the brain or spinal cord have been damaged. This involves working on stretching and strengthening in functional ways, as well as making use of appropriate modalities.
ADP for Mobility Aids

We are ADP authorized to assess your functional mobility status. We will work with you to recommend the appropriate device that best meets your needs. Whether it is a walker or a manual wheelchair, we can help you through the process to obtain the equipment that you need, to keep you moving.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is used for long term pain relief and mobility restoration.


In the know

“Hope is the most potent of medicines, one that can heal and rejuvenate.”

Referenced in the future, grounded in the past and experienced in the present, it involves the expectation that life will be a little more meaningful tomorrow.” – J Mader